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 We are in South Africa and we are going to meet Tshepo Mohlala.

Maphefo: Tshepo, what are some of the studies that you took part in to enhance your craft?

Tshepo: Well I’m a Musician. I went to music school to learn the theory and the business side of music. You must know the industry you gonna walk into.

Maphefo: What were your dreams when you were a child?

Tshepo: I’ve always wanted to be a soccer player of which I almost became cause I played at Pirates and Swallows development and reached the reserves of Swallows but then the passion of music took over!!

Maphefo: What are you currently doing as a career field?

Tshepo: I’m a musician Bass player, producer and currently running my own label called Lefthandbass Music Productions and have sessioned with a lot of SA’s best artists…

Maphefo: what makes your work original and sets you apart from the rest?

Tshepo: Whats sets my work apart I love excellence and I wont do manga manga things honestly!!

Maphefo: What are some of the social injustices that you feel your craft can work in eradicating?

Tshepo: It doesn’t have to be about who you know to actually more than your gift to get to where you need to deservedly be. Radio stations being payed to get your music played… these need to be put aside cause many gifted are sitting cause they don’t know the right people.

Maphefo: Seeing as to you are a male individual what are some of the projects that you feel men should partake in to enlighten The male young individual into understanding?

Tshepo: I believe that without God the male man has no direction. God has to be main source to young men cause God covers everything he aligns us and comes with loyality, faithfulness, love and humility… men have lost their place in the society cause they have moved away from the purpose of God which was for them to lead…

Maphefo: What is the impact that you create and what is the impact that you feel you can have or have in society?

Tshepo: I’m all about Jesus and his love and Grace that I believe that can help any nation! Maphefo: On a lighter note what are some of your favourite dishes in the Sub-Saharan Africa and who is your favourite artist in Africa?

Tshepo: My favourite dish honestly has got to be the Mozambican prawns those you can give me 24 I’ll finish them… lol my favorite artist in Africa has got to be Benjamin Dube, Richard Bona who’s a Bass player. Those are just a few. There are so many! I really don’t have a fav but cause I’m supposed to mention those are the ones… lol

Maphefo: Besides the work that you do because we understand that your work is what you love doing what are some of the extra mural activities you protect in what do you do for fun?

Tshepo: I still play my soccer all the time play and train with the team I play with, and go bowling with my daughter and out door activities…

Maphefo: What is your definition of true Africans what is your definition of black consciousness are you black conscious?

Tshepo: True African is the unique Culture its that simple! Nothing beats our culture and the ethnic way we do things…

Maphefo: what are some of the challenges that you have faced in your journey to being who you are and what are some of the challenges that you continue to face as a black individual in a modern westernised society?

Tshepo: I think its starting your thing and needing funds to get it off the ground and always having to think when and where are you gona patch what you have lost and sometimes you try invest in yourself and it falls apart cause finances are slow but all that has taught me is patience and not giving up at all…

Maphefo: What do you feel can be done to make the journey to success difficult for the ordinary black child?

Tshepo: A start up will always help a financial hand to anyone who wants to start a business and something great can always go a long way… that can make things so much easier… thats how we can create jobs and entreprenuers…

Maphefo: What are some of the advices that you can give individuals who want to follow in your footsteps?

Tshepo: The advise from me is always stay humble cause theres always someone better than you, work hard and never give up always be persistent NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! I know what im talking about things can be slow very much so but it dont mean things will never change and most of all always keep your eyes on Jesus Christ the hope of Glory he is the source of it all and he knows your destiny im here its all because of him…

There we go! I hope you enjoyed this interview. I am Maphefo Mabapa, the Official Representative of Boussole Précieuse in South Africa. I look forward to introducing you to a new genius of my country very soon.

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